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Project Bio4ASIA

Period 15.08.2019-14.04.2022

Short description:

Bio4ASIA is a cooperation project between two similar companies working in the same industry – producing of food supplements – and based on similar needs and ambitions: to expand and diverse market of their products in order to develop companies and make them competitive in long terms. However, both companies are having different competences and strengths in different areas of producing and distribution. BioCC OÜ is focused on work with high qualitative lactic acid bacteria cultures and LotosPharma SIA is producing wide assortment of dry forms of medicine and food supplement.


The main objective of the Bio4ASIA project is to increase competitiveness of the Project partners in order to expand and diverse the market and ensure long term stability of the production and growth of the turnover.


  1. a new dietary supplement – digestive stimulant for South-East Asia market ready to be registered (full documents package including at least 12 months stability results (the minimum length of shelf-life)),

  2. new contacts, developed existing contacts during participation in 4-5 international fairs,

  3. signed intention letters or similar agreements on the further cooperation on distribution of EE / LV products.

Total budget:

471 280,00€

ERDF contribution:

328 309,87€

Contact persons:

Justin Hein (EST)

Madara Jekabsone (LAT)

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