5x Faringo Chups lozenges N3

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5x Faringo Chups lozenges N3

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Faringo Chups are lozenges containing natural substances.

Food supplement. Do not use food supplement as the substitute of balanced and valuable nutrition.

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Faringo Chups are lozenges containing natural substances. Thyme helps to prevent dry cough and alleviate expectoration. Sage alleviates the irritation of throat and mouth, promotes the body’s natural defenses. Altheae alleviates and soothes the irritation of neck and throat. Vitamin C contribute to normal immune function.

Product description in register of Food and Veterinary Service


Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) liquid extract 1:1, sage (Salvia officinalis) liquid extract 1:1 , altheae (Althaea officinalis L.) liquid extract,  vitamin C, sugar, glucose syrup, powder of raspberries juice, water,  citric acid (acid regulator), raspberry flavouring, eucalyptus oil (flavouring), cochineal (colourant).


Method of usage: recommended usage orally 3 lozenges per day.

Warnings: do not use the food supplements as a wholesome and balanced diet substitute; do not exceed the recommended daily dose; high sensitivity (allergy) towards product ingredients;
Keep out of the sight and reach of children!

Store at room temperature in a dark place in carefully sealed original packaging.

Frequently asked questions

What is the effect of Faringo Chups?

The thyme in Faringo Chups helps prevent dry cough and makes expectoration easier. Sage relieves throat and mouth irritation, promotes the body’s natural protection abilities. Anise relieves and soothes throat and throat irritation. Vitamin C promotes the normal functioning of the immune system.

What are the active substances of Faringo Chups?

Thyme extract, sage extract, anise extract, vitamin C.

How to use Faringo Chups properly?

up to 3 lozenges Faringo Chups per day.

From what age is it recommended to use Faringo Chups?

The product is suitable from the age when the child can hold the sugarplum in his hands. Before giving the product to children, parents are advised to evaluate the child’s ability to suck lollipops to avoid unwanted choking. Care should also be taken to ensure that the child does not accidentally choke on the Faringo Chups stick after sucking the lollipop.

How to store Faringo Chups properly?

It is recommended to store Faringo Chups at room temperature up to + 25 ° C in a dry place in a tightly closed package.

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